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Why are Venetian blinds so popular?

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Date: 31st August 2014

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venetian blinds

Venetian blinds boast modernity, style and comfort; and offer one of the most flexible shading systems on the market at an affordable price to suit everyone’s budget. This functionality allows both daylight and energy conservation, as well as complete privacy, making this hugely popular design a welcome addition to any home, office, or commercial premises.

The advantages of the Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds comprise layers of robust horizontal slats that are joined together via cords at each side of the blind, and the slats lay automatically on top of each other. Opening, closing, and tilting is done in an instant via a pull string and twisting wand operating mechanism at the side of the blind. The tilting action is wonderful as it allows light control, and the user simply adjusts the degree of light coming into the building. This lets people inside look out without being seen by anyone outside. Glare control which affects using the computer or watching the TV can also be modified without needing to draw curtains and turn on the light in the daylight. Also, a Venetian blind can accelerate energy efficiency by a whopping 12%, which means a saving on heating and ventilation bills in these recession hit times.

Complementing a room

As Venetian blinds have a classic appeal which is compatible to both modern and traditional settings, it is easy to see how this addition to the building can enhance any room, and look attractive on any type of window where light control and aesthetics are important. Installation at the window recess can be done inside or outside the building, and on double facades; and often just involves a simple DIY application with the appropriate fittings. Another advantage of the unique and robust design makes regular cleaning with a dampened cloth satisfying, quick and easy. They do not need any form of maintenance, and in the rare incidence of being subject to damage, they can be repaired.

There is a vast range of blind sizes and slat widths, and an entire spectrum of delightful high fashion colours and finishes to choose from, to suit the décor of the room and surroundings where this appealing practical addition will be placed. There is also a choice of various materials used to make the blinds, these include: aluminium, wood, timber-style, and PVC; and both manual and motorised models are available.

When deciding the best style for your home, office or commercial premises, consider whether you want an ultra-modern contemporary feel with aluminium or PVC, or a more rustic and classical ambiance with wood or timber-style. You may want to have the same colour or finish as your decor or furniture, or a complimentary one. If the blind is for a kitchen or bathroom, then you may like to opt for aluminium or PVC, that way it will prevent the accumulation of mold and fungus brought about by the daily humidity.

In summary, Venetian blinds offer an affordable solution to lower energy bills, and an aesthetically pleasing versatile way to control solar glare, and allow total privacy. They have maintained their popularity because of their fantastic design and easy to operate system, as well as the plethora of colours and materials and finishes on offer that literally transform the room with eye-catching elegance and a winning style.
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