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Should I turn my blinds up or down this summer?

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Date: 25th July 2016

Category: Blinds

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Venetian blinds for Summer

The versatility, thermal efficiency and light control of window blinds makes them a practical solution for all seasons. Tilting the slats or rolling the fabric on your blinds can have different effects on light and energy conservation within your home. This article will serve to explain how the way you turn your blinds can impact your property, so you can make the most of your blinds this summer.

Conserve energy

With a plethora of energy-saving options available to homeowners these days, there are plenty of ways you can conserve energy within your property, such as lowering the temperature on the thermostat, fitting insulation or utilising energy efficient technology.

However, many often overlook the energy saving capabilities of blinds and how opening and closing the slats or fabric in accordance with the time of day and season can impact overall functionality.

By closing your blinds on a hot summer’s day, you can stop the direct sunlight from filtering into your property which, in turn, will reduce the need for fans and air conditioning to cool the air.

Whilst most people tend to keep their blinds closed at night, what many don’t realise is that by opening them a little during the warmer summer months, more energy will be transferred through gaps around the windows so the indoor heat can escape.

As such, generally speaking, during the hot summer season it’s best to close your blinds as much as possible throughout the day to help keep excessive light and heat out, and keep them open during the night to cool the room.

Light control

The way blinds operate allows for exceptional light control, which is particularly useful during sunny months when direct sunlight can cause a room to become hot and stuffy very quickly.

Having said that, you may want to let as much of the natural daylight into your home as possible, so it’s recommended that you alternate throughout the day so as to not let the interior of your property overheat.

When selecting a new set of blinds, it is important to carefully consider how much light control you would like. The way you open and close your blinds depends on the style you choose. For example, vertical blinds operate by using a cord mechanism to tilt the slats, or you can gather all of the slats to one side to expose the entire window. The slats on a Venetian blind lie horizontally so they will move upwards to open and downwards to close, or you can gather them all at the top to uncover the entire window.

Alternatively, Roman and roller blinds consist of a piece of fabric which glides upwards and collects at the top when open, and covers the entire window when closed, only offering one adjustment for light.

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