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How to style vertical blinds like a pro

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Date: 9th September 2016

Category: Vertical Blinds

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vertical blinds

What makes vertical blinds so popular is their versatile, durable design and easy to clean qualities. There are a wide range of styles available which will complement a modern property seamlessly, from minimalist patterns to bold statement colours. Here, we will explain how clever use of vertical blinds can transform your rooms into stylish, functional spaces.

Bright colours to create a statement piece

If you are thinking of fitting vertical blinds in your home, avoid the office look or anything too clinical by using bright colours. Whether you choose a colour palette which complements your decor, or decide to choose clashing colours, brightly coloured vertical blinds will instantly create a focal feature in the room.

Pairing with curtains

Layering has become a popular interior design trend in recent years as a way of creating a comfortable, warm space. Not only that, pairing vertical blinds with curtains will improve privacy levels and light control, as well as giving the illusion of larger windows, which is ideal for small rooms. When pairing your vertical blinds with curtains, you should:

– select the blinds before the curtain

– match the colour of the rail with both the curtains and the blinds

– try not to use two different prints as this can look messy

Cover large windows

Certain blinds are better suited to wide or large windows which require plenty of coverage. In such cases, vertical blinds are the ideal solution due to their lightweight, compact design and rotatable louvres, offering exceptional light and privacy control.

Vertical blinds are also perfectly suited to patio and bi-folding doors as they can open sideways, allowing the doors to open without damaging the blind.

Partner textured looking blinds with rugs and carpets

The soft texture of rugs and carpets can transform a room into a warm, welcoming space. Partnering this with textured blinds will create a luxurious look guaranteed to impress family and friends alike! It will instantly add depth to the room, making smaller rooms seem more spacious and larger rooms feel more homely.

Modern offices

White, grey and navy vertical blinds are typically popular choices for offices, as they provide a stylish, minimalist look in keeping with a professional theme. In an age when modern offices are filled with computers, vertical blinds are instrumental in reducing the amount of light, heat and glare entering the room when required. These improved working conditions can help to boost concentration and motivation levels amongst staff which, in turn, creates a more productive workplace.

Kingston Blinds Direct

Vertical blinds offer an effective way of adding style and depth to any room. At Kingston Blinds Direct, we supply a comprehensive range of vertical blinds available in a variety of patterns, colours and textures, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when coming to us. For expert advice on which style will be most suitable for your property, or to find out more about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our highly experienced, friendly team today.

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