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How to replace a broken blind slat

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Date: 15th May 2015

Category: Blind Parts

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Replacing Broken Blind Slat Guide

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Installing blinds in your home can provide the perfect finishing touch, completely transforming the interior design of your property in a subtle, cost-effective way. However, this look can be ruined by broken or bent blind slats which make your investment look worthless. The following step-by-step guide advises on how to replace a broken blind slat quickly and efficiently, so the decor in your rooms can return back to normal in no time.

1. First and foremost, remember to order the replacement blinds as without these, the task is rendered useless! Here at Kingston Blinds Direct we supply replacement blind slats so you can freshen up your windows without the expense of purchasing a brand new set of blinds.

2. When carrying out the task of replacing your broken blind slats, start by removing the buttons/plugs underneath the bottom rail of the blinds using a screwdriver and store them in a safe place.

3. Next, untie the knots on the string located underneath the bottom rail.

4. Pull up the lift cords and remove all the slats below the broken ones so you have easy access to the ones you need to replace.

5. The next step is to replace the broken slats and run the lift cord back through all the blinds, making sure each one is facing the right direction and is attached correctly.

6. Finally, retie the knot on the cord, making sure all the slats are attached evenly and the entire bottom rail is completely level. Remember to replace the buttons/plugs on the bottom rail of the blinds to ensure everything is secure in place.
It’s important to note that after you have replaced the broken slats on the blinds, all pull cords must be shortened and out of reach of young children as they can pose as a choking hazard to young children

The replacement blind slats we offer at Kingston Blinds Direct are available in a range of colours and patterns, with a host of features depending on your requirements, including:

– Blackout
– Dim-out
– Flame retardant
– Solar reflective
– Washable
– Wipe clean

Therefore, we are able to find the perfect set of replacement slats which will match the blinds seamlessly for a uniform finish. We hope you have found this guide to replacing your broken blind slats useful, and to learn more about how you can benefit from our extensive range of replacement blinds, simply contact our expert team today.

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