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Quick Guide to Finding The Best Blinds For Your Home

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Date: 25th April 2022

Category: Blinds

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With better weather on the horizon, you may be considering some home upgrades. It’s natural to want to take advantage of the lighter, brighter days and one of the decorative changes you may be considering is new blinds. 

Blinds are not something you purchase all that often and since the last time you bought them, there may be new styles, fabrics and patterns to consider. That is why we have put together a short guide of some of the things you want to consider before you make a purchase. 

Which Room Will The Blinds Be Going in? 


The first thing to ask yourself is which room are the blinds going in as some styles are more suited to some rooms than others. 

For example, in Hull, our collection of roller blinds can withstand moisture and splashes of water so, although they would look good in a dining room or bedroom, they are also suited to the kitchen or bathroom. However, in Hull, our collection of roman blinds are made with rich, luxurious fabrics which are not suited for rooms with excess moisture and would be better in a living room or bedroom. 

As a general rule, we would consider these the best blind style for each room based on practicality alone:

  • Living Room — all styles,
  • Dining Room — all styles,
  • Kitchen — roller blinds, venetian blinds or perfect fit blinds, 
  • Bedroom — all styles but particularly blackout blinds,
  • Bathroom — roller blinds, venetian blinds or perfect fit blinds.


How Much Privacy Does The Room Require? 


Naturally, you require more privacy in some rooms than others, which can determine the suitability of some blind styles. 

Here are some privacy considerations for each blind style — all styles are available from us as a leading blinds company in Hull:

Blackout Blinds


When closed, blackout blinds offer the maximum amount of privacy, this is adjusted depending on how open the blinds are. 

Roller Blinds


Similar to blackout blinds, when closed, roller blinds offer a high level of privacy but when open, this is minimised. This is not necessarily an issue as they are primarily used in the kitchen or bathroom where high levels of privacy is less critical or privacy glass is installed. 

Venetian Blinds and Wooden Blinds


Venetian blinds and wooden blinds offer an adjustable privacy level as they can be completely closed, completely open, or the blind can have open slats to allow light in but still offer a good level of privacy.

Perfect Fit Blinds


Very similar to roller blinds, these offer adjustable levels of privacy. However, perfect fit blinds can offer slightly more privacy as they are fitted into the window frame and don’t hang loose like other styles. 

Roman Blinds


Similar to roller blinds, roman blinds offer a contrasting level of privacy depending if the blinds are open or shut. 

Vertical Blinds


Offering an adjustable level of privacy, vertical blinds can be fully open, closed or partially open. Unlike venetian, wooden and perfect fit blinds, the blind partitions are vertical not horizontal, as the name suggests.


How Much Light Does The Room Need?


The level of light that a room needs can also influence the style of blind chosen. This can be determined by the room type (i.e. bedroom, living room, kitchen) or which way the room is facing and how much sun it gets. 

All blind styles can offer a large amount of light into a room when they are fully open, but if a room needs more privacy, this isn’t always practical. 

Generally, vertical, venetian, wooden and perfect fit blinds can offer a good amount of light whilst balancing privacy levels.

Still undecided about which blind style is the perfect choice for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, we are happy to help as the leading blinds company in Hull! 

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