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Perfect Fit Blinds 2022 — Why Choose Them?

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Date: 22nd March 2022

Category: Perfect Fit Blinds

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Perfect fit blinds are exactly that — they fit perfectly. Made to measure, they don’t require any drilling or screws as they slot into the frame between the glass and glazing to create a seamless, sleek finish. 

Timeless Design and Finish

One of the main considerations when choosing new blinds, whether it’s type, colour or texture, is if they will go out of style. Unlike other blind styles, such as roman blinds or roller blinds where a bold pattern or texture is common, perfect fit blinds are a compliment to a room rather than a main focus point because of their tidy design and appearance. 

Function with the Window

One of the major benefits of perfect fit blinds is the way they are fitted — because they are fitted within the window frame, they work with the window. For example, if the window or patio door is open, other blind styles such as vertical blinds, have to be drawn back but may still blow around if it’s windy. As perfect fit blinds, including perfect fit pleated blinds, are attached to the door or window, they move and work with it. 

Increased Level of Privacy 

Relating back to the fact that perfect fit blinds move with the window or door they are fitted to, there is an increased level of privacy. When the blinds are closed, there are no gaps as they are bespoke and fitted to each specific window/door frame. Similarly, when the blinds are open, optimum amounts of light is let in without overexposing the inside of your property. 

Comparable Price

Choosing and purchasing new blinds can be expensive but even with the additional benefits listed above, perfect fit and perfect fit pleated blinds are a comparable price to other styles of blinds. When purchasing from us, one of the highest rated blinds companies in Hull and with a 91% excellent Trustpilot rating, a quality service and product is guaranteed. 

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