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All You Need to Know About Venetian Blinds

Posted By: admin

Date: 29th August 2019

Category: Blinds

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White venetian blinds

An immensely popular type of blind, the Venetian blind has many advantageous properties, but to the uninitiated, it can be difficult to ascertain why you should choose a Venetian blind over another type of blind. Worry not, though; the team at Kingston Blinds Direct have created this guide to all things Venetian blinds, to make your decision easier.


What do they look like?

Venetian blinds are one of the more common types of blind; in fact, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that their appearance is synonymous with the term ‘window blinds’. They are made up of numerous horizontal slats, forming an attractive, simple and clean look that suits domestic and commercial interiors alike; whether the surrounding interior decor is of a modern or traditional style.


How do they work?

The horizontal slats can be tilted to any angle the user desires; this gives complete control over the level of light that comes into the room. The blinds themselves can also be pulled up via a cord if you want the window to be completely uncovered, and the tilt system allows you to shut out all light, should you require it.


What styles can I have?

Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of materials, including wood, aluminium and plastics such as PVC. There are also different slat sizes to choose from; you can have slats that are 25mm wide or 50mm wide. The width of the slats can alter the way the blind looks quite significantly.

In terms of colours, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Venetian blinds. Coated and painted finishes are available for most of the materials, and wooden Venetian blinds are also available with a natural finish for a neutral, attractive style.


What are the benefits of Venetian blinds?

We’ve already mentioned the sleek, clean style of these blinds, and that is one of their main advantages in the market – they provide a beautiful addition to a room without dominating it, and they don’t sacrifice their function for their form.

Regardless of whether you want your blinds in a new-build home, a brand new office or a property with a traditional interior, there’s a material and a colour to suit every decor and every taste. Clean, white blinds for a kitchen? Check. Bright, colourful blinds for your child’s bedroom? Check.

They couldn’t be simpler to use, either; simply twist the lever until you find the slat angle that you want, or pull the cord to raise and lower the blind to your desired height.

They’re easy to clean, too! A simple wipe down of each slat with a damp cloth or duster will suffice, and your blinds will be looking good as new in a matter of minutes.


Why should I use made-to-measure blinds?

Made-to-measure blinds are created to your _exact_ requirements, meaning you don’t have to worry about taking delivery of blinds that don’t fit into your windows. As there’s no uniform size for windows, and some take uncommon shapes, made-to-measure blinds remove the stress and hassle of desperately trying to make blinds fit. They’re easy to install, and the perfect fit means that less light will get through in the gaps between your blind and the edges of the window recess.


Do Kingston Blinds Direct supply Venetian blinds?

Yes we do! We are proud to supply a huge range of Venetian blinds to suit the varying needs of our customer base. Our blinds are delivered and installed by our dedicated, experienced team, and you can be sure that the blinds you purchase from us will meet each and every one of your requirements. Some of our favourite Venetian styles include:

Deluxe Gloss White: A beautiful, neutral style for any room in a property.

Premium Vibe Cool Blue: The misty blue of these blinds provide a lovely splash of colour for a room, whether as an accent or in accordance with a wider colour scheme.

Premium Woodgrain Light Oak:  If you prefer a natural finish, look no further than our elegant wooden styles. A simple, yet fantastic look for any property.


So there you have our guide to Venetian blinds. If you like what you’ve seen, then the next step is to choose your blinds. Get in touch with the expert team at Kingston Blinds Direct today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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