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Made to measure vs budget blinds – which is best?

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Date: 28th March 2018

Category: Blinds

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With more and more homeowners looking to personalise the interior of their property through their choice of decor, the popularity of made to measure blinds is on the rise.

When purchasing a new set of blinds, the key considerations tend to be price, design, and quality, so it’s important to weigh up the options prior to making a decision.

Your blinds are an investment that should see you through years of regular use, so choosing the right type is imperative. This article will delve deeper into the comparison between made to measure and budget blinds, so you can make a fully informed decision on which will best suit your requirements.

The Quality

When choosing a new set of blinds, you really do get what you pay for; a more premium price will bring with it a more superior set of blinds, whilst a cheap cost may reflect in a less durable, lower quality product.

Rather than compromising on the quality of the fit, material or performance of your new blinds, paying a bit extra for made to measure blinds will ensure you receive real return on your investment.

The Fit

As the name suggests, made to measure blinds are created to fit the exact measurements of the window for full coverage, so there is no risk of unsightly gaps or inefficient operation. Budget blinds, on the other hand, can be of lower quality which can cause their fit to look mediocre or cheap.

The premise of ‘one size fits all’ budget blinds may mean that costly, time consuming adjustments need to be made to ensure it fits the window properly. With made to measure blinds, this is already factored into the cost as the service itself will ensure that the blinds are made to fit the exact measurements of the window.

The Design

Whilst the range of shop bought or budget blinds may be vast, customers are limited to choosing from those exact designs; there is no individuality or customisation option.

With the made to measure service, the blinds can be created to suit the exact style and look required for a truly bespoke service. That way, customers have free rein to choose the colour, material and type of blind which will complement their decor. There is also the added benefit of being able to view a selection of samples prior to purchasing so customers can take a look at the colours, textures and fabrics first hand.

Thermal Insulation

As noted in the aforementioned fitting section, made to measure blinds will provide full coverage of the window. In turn, this will help to improve climate control within the property by keeping the rooms warmer in the winter and blocking out the sun during the summer months. This is something which may be lacking with budget blinds, as they may not provide quite the same coverage due to their ‘one size fits all’ design.

Here at Kingston Blinds Direct, we offer a comprehensive range of blinds, all of which are made to measure for a flawless fit.

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Whatever your needs, tastes or budget, we can provide you with the perfect set of blinds to complement your home seamlessly – to find out more or to order free samples, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today by calling 08009981994!

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