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Looking For Perfect Fit Blinds In Hull?

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Date: 9th September 2021

Category: Blinds

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Perfect Fit Blinds


If you’re on the hunt for perfect fit blinds in Hull, look no further!

Our Perfect Fit blinds simply slot into the frame which is attached to the window between the glass and glazing, without the need for drilling.

Benefits of perfect fit blinds:

Advanced Privacy

Because our Perfect Fit blinds are all completely bespoke in order to fit your exact window measurements, your window will be 100% covered when the blinds are closed, allowing you to block out the outside world and give you ultimate privacy within your home.

Balancing Light and Temperature

Do you struggle with the sun glaring on your TV? Or having to shut your windows at night to stop bugs coming in during the summer? Our Perfect Fit blinds give you ultimate control over the light and temperature of your home.

A Sleek Finish

Sleek, clutter free design ensures that they will not only sit neatly in your room, but elevate your interior space. The blinds are attached directly to your window frames (no drilling required), meaning there’s no gaps and no overlapping.

Child Friendly

As these blinds are not cord operated, they are inherently child friendly, making them the perfect option for a children’s playroom, bedroom or a family room – you can never be too careful!

Variety of Options

With a selection of styles available, along with our specialist made-to-measure service, it couldn’t be easier to find the right Perfect Fit blinds for your home when coming to us.

Available in a comprehensive range of colours, materials and features to suit all preferences and budgets – take a look at our collection of Perfect Fit blinds to see which design will best suit your property.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team on 01482 319194. Alternatively, you can visit our contact page by clicking here.

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