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How To Install A Vertical Blind Headrail

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Date: 24th July 2018

Category: Blind Parts

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Any window can be given a fresh new look by installing an elegant vertical blind, but first the headrail has to be securely fixed in place. It might appear complicated, but it is a relatively easy task that takes only a short amount of time to complete – read on to find out how.

Vertical blinds can be installed inside the window recess or on the wall above it; whichever you choose will obviously determine the size. Measure the width of the window recess for inside installation, but you can add up to four inches extra for fitting to the exterior.

The tools you will require include:
– an electric drill
– an appropriately sized drill bit
– a screwdriver
– screws
– wall plugs to help the screws fit securely into the wall plaster.
– a tape measure
– pencil
– a small spirit level

Vertical blind kits usually include the specially shaped brackets that the headrail will fit into.
Fitting Inside The Window Recess

1. The brackets for the headrail will fit into the top of the window recess. Some vertical blinds also come equipped with a valance, a long L-shaped section that will neaten the front of the headrail once it is in place.

2. If a valance is included, it can be fitted at the same time as the headrail. Place it on the floor and mark the position of the screw holes in the brackets about 3″ (7.6cm) from each end of the valance then drill through the marks.

3. Using the valance as a template, mark the position of the drilled holes into the top of the window recess. Ensure that the headrail will sit at least two inches away from the window itself.

4. Drill at the points you have marked in the plaster above the window then push a wall plug into each hole to provide the screws with a firm anchorage.

5. If the vertical blind is fairly wide, you might find it easier if someone can help you to hold the valance steady.

6. Hold the valance in place, then position the brackets and fix each of them through the valance with screws fitted into the wall plugs.

7. When complete, simply lever and snap the headrail into the brackets.
Fitting Above The Window Recess

1. The brackets will fit to the wall above the window.

2. Measure the width of the window recess to find and mark the centre on the wall above.

3. Determine the finished vertical drop of the blind, then using that as a guide, mark where the headrail will have to sit above the recess.

4. Hold the headrail at the correct height aligning it to the marks you have just made. Vertical blinds need to hang correctly so use the spirit level to ensure the rail will be straight.

5. Evenly space the brackets along the length marking the positions of the screw holes.

6. Drill through the marks, insert wall plugs and fasten the brackets with the screws.

7. The headrail can now be clipped into the brackets.

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