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Great Office Blinds: Top Trends

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Date: 15th September 2015

Category: Blinds

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Office Blinds

An unpleasant working environment can quickly cause motivation and productivity levels to fall as employees do not feel comfortable during their working day. Issues such as glare from sunlight or outside disturbances can become major distractions in an office, making it difficult for staff to carry out their work properly.

Choosing the right set of blinds will help to remedy these problems, while ensuring stylish aesthetics and reliable use for future years. This article will explain the considerations you will need to take when searching for new office blinds to ensure functionality and style.

Privacy and light control

Most commercial applications will require a certain degree of privacy so staff can work in peace without passers-by staring in or causing distractions. Light control is also important in an office to prevent direct sunlight creating glare on computer screens. In such cases, vertical or venetian blinds are typically the most suitable choices as their versatility means you can control how much light or outside view filters into the office.

The panels are typically made of slightly thinner material to reduce the light rather than block it out completely, allowing much softer, natural light to enter the room. Not only will this help those suffering from eye strain caused by harsh light or glare, it will also create a more pleasant ambience in the office.


For those of you looking for classic, low maintenance blinds, vertical and roller blinds offer the perfect solution. Delivering on both practicality and style, these designs are typically made from durable fabrics to ensure reliable use and longevity.

Many also feature a range of treatments to ensure your blinds remain in good condition for many years to come. These include:

– Flame retardant

– Wipe clean

– Washable


Your choice of colour will depend on the tone of your office and the environment you are trying to create. While vibrant colours may fit with creative workplaces, the general consensus for office design is to incorporate neutral colour schemes or branding colours to maintain a professional look. The extensive range of colours and patterns available can make choosing a rather difficult task, which is why we recommend the following designs from our vertical blinds range:

Cassini Trento

Portland Champagne

Enigma Zion

Blinds for a home office

While it can be tempting to match your interior design of your office with the rest of property, it’s important to keep the decor in this room separate from the rest of your home to set the necessary boundaries. However, this doesn’t mean you need to settle for a boring design; in actual fact you can still inject style into the space while maintaining its purpose of minimising glare and outside distractions. From our vertical blinds range, we recommend:

Brocade Champagne

Hudson Ecru

Vanity Indulge

For professional advice or further information about any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team here at Kingston Blinds Direct today.

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