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Great Blinds for Offices

Posted By: admin

Date: 12th September 2014

Category: Blinds

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Office Blinds

Businesses are most often furnished and designed with budgeting and practicality in mind. Mid to large companies tend to outsource the entire fitting or renovating process to an expert studio specialising in corporate design field.

While this convenient option will ensure no detail remains overlooked, fitting and decoration improvement ideas should really be suggested by the staff working in the office to guarantee all their individual needs are catered for. Among all the office furniture and fittings, blinds are the most neglected item, chosen routinely and with little to no thought about all the functions and features they could come with for the employees’ benefit. Thanks to contemporary high-tech materials, a single model of blinds can be a perfect solution for eye health, office space safety, economical maintenance and effective decoration of a particular business.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing blinds for an office, and the time wisely invested into employees’ needs analysis in terms of light control will pay off instantly. Offices with a view to the south need blinds different from those optimal for the north side. The size of the office, its main function and regional climate will also affect the choice. If you want to equip a presentation and pitching room with a projector and a huge screen used on daily basis, it’s perfectly reasonable to go for the blackout blinds. Typical offices with their 8-hour sitting and monitor-watching workforce require super-flexible light control, so venetian and vertical blinds are the best options. Offices with floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful scenic views need to make the most of this luxury, while still filtering the sunlight through; solar screen vertical blinds fit these needs perfectly.

Contemporary design takes sustainability seriously, so electricity expenditure and bills can be decreased by fitting workplace units with temperature-insulating cell shades. Classic wood blinds are timelessly elegant, with natural materials becoming increasingly sought after, but these statement-making status blinds are a viable option only for small home businesses. Large spaces don’t only need to keep the costs down, but must adhere to strict safety regulations and take precautionary steps, like choosing blinds with fire-proof coat. Moisture-proof designs are a must for more humid climates, as they save time needed for cleaning and maintenance. Both vertical and venetian blinds with wider slats look stylish in faux wood, but it’s important to choose a fade-resistant polymer material for office spaces in sunnier local climates. Some materials are enriched with UVA inhibitors, and all of the polymer types are chip and peel-resistant as well, which makes them a cost-effective solution for businesses who put durability and sturdiness first.

Design and decorative value doesn’t need to come second either with polymer blinds, especially those in faux wood. It is visually compatible with most office styles, and it comes in a wide range of wood colours and textures. Choose a slim design headrail for a truly sleek look and cordless motorised models for effortless operation. Remote-controlled motorised blinds work well in busy large offices, as the employees save time on going from window to window manually adjusting the slat position.

Composite synthetic-material blinds are the most durable type of blinds on the market, and their availability in as much as 100 colours and textures makes them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. More creative businesses, like marketing agencies and various start-ups go for bold, bright colours to achieve a more casual, young work atmosphere. Health industry businesses prefer their blinds in white, green and all of the metallic shades. Educational institutions often choose different colours for every individual window to make school time more cheerful.

Commercial Blinds

Vinyl horizontal blinds flatter sliding glass doors, but for a highly sophisticated look combine them with vertical blinds on the rest of the windows. Roman blinds are made of soft fabric, which makes them ideal for windows with awkward corners and tight spots. They are best maintained with vacuum cleaner, while most venetian and vertical blinds will only require light dusting.

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