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How to Fix Venetian Blinds

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Date: 28th February 2019

Category: Blind Parts

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broken and bent blinds

Venetian blinds are beautiful window fittings that complement almost every room, but unfortunately, they’re not invincible. From time to time, you might encounter an issue with your Venetian blind, and if that happens, knowing how to fix it can save you a lot of time, hassle and money. Here, the Kingston Blinds Direct team will run you through the methods of fixing different problems with Venetian blinds.

Broken slats

Broken slats are unsightly and annoying, and they reduce the effectiveness of your blinds. To fix a broken slat, remove your blinds from the window and lay them on a flat surface. From there, remove the cord caps – these are on the underside of the bottom slat – to reveal the ends of the cords. These cords can be unthreaded through the holes in each slat. Do that, and then rethread them back through the slats – except the broken one. You can then remove and replace the broken slat, and then thread the cord through the new slat and the remaining ones.

Crooked slats

If your blind is not hanging straight, if it’s tilting to any degree, it’s probably because something is broken. Remove your blind from the window, lie it flat and inspect the head rail. From there, you can see if the strings are damaged or disconnected. If they’re not, check that the drum is set in the cradle – if it’s loose, it’ll need replacing. If there are any other components loose, try to reattach them; if you can’t, they’ll need replacing.

Blinds won’t stay open

This is often caused by a jammed cord lock or the cord being pinched. Once again, lie the blinds flat and inspect the head rail. Check for jamming or cord fraying – a jammed cord can be fixed with a flathead screwdriver. If the cord lock is broken, however, it’ll need replacing.

Blinds are stuck

The problem of blinds that won’t open or close is often caused by a frayed or broken lift cord. As well as stopping your blinds from staying open, this is also an aesthetic issue – frayed lift cords don’t look good. This one can require a little bit of unusual DIY.

Remove the blinds and lie them flat, then remove the cord caps at the bottom slat. Using a lighter (yes, really), you can try to fuse the end of the old cord and the end of the new cord together. Once this is done, thread this newly-fused cord through the entire system until the old cord is replaced. Cut and tie the new cord at the fused section, then reattach the cord caps.

There are several problems that could befall your blinds once in a while, but rarely do they require more than a little DIY handiwork or a replacement component. Kingston Blinds Direct are proud to provide replacement components for our wide range of blinds. From slats to accessories, we’ve got it all, and we can ensure you get them promptly. For more information, please contact us today.

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