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Faux Wooden Blinds: Everything a First-Time Homeowner Needs to Know

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Date: 30th April 2018

Category: Blinds

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You’re officially a homeowner! You’ve got the keys, packed up all of your belongings and are ready to get moving. But where do you start when it comes to decorating your new home? Choosing the perfect set of blinds may not instantly spring to mind, but their practical function along with their stylish appearance makes blinds an important consideration.

Whether you are looking to upgrade the blinds which are already in the house, or you have bought a new build home where there are typically no window coverings, choosing the ideal style can prove rather challenging, particularly if you are not familiar with the selection process.

Nature-inspired decor has been a prominent theme in the interior design world for many years, leading to a boost in popularity for faux wooden blinds – read on to find out how first-time homeowners can benefit from this type of blind.

ivory faux wood venetian blindsOak faux wood venetian blindsblack faux wood venetian blindswalnut faux wood venetian blinds

The organic look of faux wooden blinds instantly adds a touch of class and sophistication to any decor. The elegance of a wooden finish injects charm and character into the space, delivering a truly nature-inspired look no matter the room. From walnut and oak to ivory and black, faux wooden blinds are available in a comprehensive range of colours, textures and tapes to suit your individual tastes.


Delivering on practicality as well as style, faux wooden blinds allow for exceptional light control as you have the option of letting as much – or as little – light to filter into the room as you desire; this also dictates the level of privacy you can have.

Not only that, all of the blinds we offer here at Kingston Blinds Direct have a UV protective finish to minimise the risk of the wood finish fading when exposed to sunlight.


Moving into a new home for the first time can be expensive business, which is why it’s important to choose a set of blinds which fits with your budget without compromising on aesthetics. Faux wooden blinds offer a cheaper alternative to real wood, while still providing a natural wooden appearance. This affordability makes faux wooden blinds more accessible to homeowners looking to incorporate a natural look into their decor.


When becoming a homeowner for the first time, chances are your new property will be your pride and glory; something you want to take good care of and keep looking its best. More often than not, convenience is important when keeping a home clean and tidy, which is why the low maintenance qualities of faux wood blinds make them a popular choice. Their wipe clean surface means you’ll have no trouble maintaining their quality finish, and their waterproof capabilities means they can withstand any water splashes in kitchens and bathrooms.

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With a wealth of industry experience, here at Kingston Blinds Direct we offer the finest faux wooden blinds for an affordable price. To place an order, simply click on a style you like, add this to your cart and complete the quick and easy payment process.

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