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DIY tips: How to fit a roller blind

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Date: 30th June 2017

Category: Blinds

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roller blinds

Roller blinds boast a plethora of advantages, from impressive light control to stylish design and easy operation. Whether you have chosen this type of blind for your bathroom, living room or kitchen, you are sure to find a colour, pattern and finish to suit your home.

For full functionality and high performance, it’s imperative that your new roller blinds are installed properly so you can reap the benefits of a flawless fit. Closely follow the steps below to help guide yourself through the fitting process for roller blinds, to ensure a neat and tidy finish.


By the point of installation, you should have already taken the correct measurements of your window and had your new set of blinds delivered in line with these measurements. Prior to fitting your roller blinds, you must pay careful consideration to the style you have purchased and how you would like them to be fixed.

Fully equip yourself with the necessary tools, including:

– Your unpacked set of blinds

– A screwdriver with the necessary screws and fittings

– A pencil

– A tape measure

– A step-ladder

– A hand-drill

Blind brackets – top fix or face fix?

You must first decide where you would like your blind brackets to be fitted; this can either be to the ceiling/top of the window recess – otherwise known as ‘top fix’ – or onto a wall/window frame – referred to as ‘face fix’.

Side control chain

If your new roller blinds feature a side control chain mechanism, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Secure the brackets

You should begin by deciding which side the chain is going to hang on, taking into consideration any obstructions such as chairs or bookcases, as you will require easy access. Lightly mark where the brackets will go on your wall with a pencil, and using your hand-drill or screwdriver, fix the brackets supplied with the set of blinds to make sure they are secured in place; the instruction manual provided with the blinds will ensure you do this correctly. Take into account the surface type to determine which screws you use for a strong, stable fitting.

It’s worth noting how close the blinds will be to the window, ensuring the fabric doesn’t come into contact with the window during operation. Here at Kingston Blinds Direct, our wide selection of roller blinds are available in standard roll or reverse roll, depending on how you would like the fabric to move during operation.

2. Installation

The next step is to hang the blinds by slotting them into the brackets you have safely secured to the wall. When you have positioned the blinds exactly how you would like them, make sure they are locked in place to prevent the risk of them falling. Consult the instructions supplied with the blinds to ensure they are installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Voila!

Once the blinds are secured in place, they are now ready to use! Whether you require thermal insulation on a cold winter’s evening, or exceptional light control on a sunny summer’s day, properly fitted blinds can dramatically improve functionality in your home.

Kingston Blinds Direct

When purchasing a new set of roller blinds from us, you have plenty of choice when it comes to customisation, from which side you would prefer the chain mechanism to be on and the material of the chain, to the way the fabric rolls and whether you require standard or extension brackets.

Not only that, we also provide DIY repair kits should you need to mend your current roller blinds or fit a new chain. To buy a new set of blinds or repair kit, simply add the products to your basket and follow the payment instructions. To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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