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How do I clean and maintain my wooden blinds?

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Date: 23rd August 2016

Category: Blinds

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Offering exceptional light control, improved privacy levels and luxurious style, wooden Venetian blinds are a popular choice of window covering in many homes. That said, direct sunlight can cause a buildup of dirt and dust on the slats, and can lead to the wood becoming discoloured or faded over time.

Here, we will provide you with a few top tips on how to clean and maintain your wooden blinds to keep them looking their best for longer.


Cleaning and maintenance

The first step in giving your wooden blinds a spring clean to remove accumulations of dust is to close the blinds, making sure they are completely flat. Next, gently brush a light feather duster or microfibre cloth over the slats in a downward motion to avoid causing any damage.

A soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner will remove all traces of heavier dust with ease, without harming the blinds.

How often?

Wooden blinds usually collect more dust and dirt than alternative materials, such as metal or plastic, meaning they will require dusting at least once a week.


Cleaning and maintenance

Whilst fabric blinds can be cleaned by putting them in water, it’s imperative that you do not do the same with your wooden blinds as they will absorb moisture and warp when drying causing them to become misshapen. As such, you should use a slightly damp cloth – making sure it is not soaking wet – to remove sticky or stubborn stains.

After applying the damp cloth to the wood, you must make sure the slats are completely dry using a lint-free cloth.

How often?

You should remove any marks on your blinds as and when they happen to avoid a buildup of stubborn stains which will prove more difficult to remove.


Whilst wooden blinds protect the furniture inside your home from fading, they can also fall victim to sunlight damage themselves. As such, it’s important to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance on the blinds to stop them from discolouring.

Cleaning and maintenance

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause the varnish on your wooden blinds to deteriorate significantly. In turn, this can lead to the slats starting to fade and water stains appearing due to the moisture and humidity.

For natural wooden blinds which have suffered from water damage or discolouration, linseed oil is the ideal solution. It will restore, nourish and preserve the wood, providing a polished, water resistant finish that prevents the slats from drying out.

Simply apply the oil using a soft cloth and rub gently over each slat. Then, wipe off any excess oil using a clean cotton cloth and rub the surface until the oil has completely absorbed and the surface is dry to touch.

How often?

If you notice that your blinds are starting to look faded or discoloured during your spring clean, you should apply linseed oil as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you should try to carry out this type of cleaning once a year.

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