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Why choose made to measure blinds?

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Date: 22nd December 2014

Category: Blinds

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made to measure blinds

Eliminate expensive DIY mistakes with made to measure blinds

We’ve all arrived at our dream home to discover that the blinds in the kitchen are tatty and stained, or worse, that the sun-drenched bedroom has no blinds at all. 

We’ve probably all reacted with the same level of panic too, hastily scribbling down measurements before heading straight for the nearest DIY store. Hours later, after hacking away at so-called ready made blinds with inadequate tools, we’ve held them up to the window and found that they still don’t fit. They are a disaster. Our only consolation is that made to measure blinds would have taken weeks to arrive, cost twice the price, and offered little more in terms of quality or choice. But is this really true?

Made to Measure increases your decorating options

made to measure blinds

The ancient Egyptians made blinds from reeds; the Chinese used bamboo. Today’s blinds are made from a myriad of materials and the choice of styles and shades is enormous, especially if you order online. Kingston Blinds Direct has one of the largest selections of blinds online, stocking Blackout blinds as well as Vertical, Wood, Roller, Roman, Venetian and Perfect Fit blinds in over 350 shades.

When redecorating, increased choice allows you to think about the way the light falls in the room. Blinds don’t need to be neutral; you can accentuate the plentiful light in south-facing rooms with warm shades, like Kingston Blinds’ Splash Tango, or contrast with cooler shades, like Cornflower Blue. You could match the blinds to the accent colour you are using for cushions, throws or lampshades in your living room. Kingston Blinds Direct will supply you with swatches to stop you from making expensive mistakes.

Made to measure blinds will allow you to think about the finer details too. You can choose the contours of the bottom edge, and the colour of the controls. You can decide where best to fit the controls for personal comfort and ease.

If you are anxious about marking paintwork, Perfect Fit blinds, also available from Kingston Blinds Direct, ensure an elegant, professional finish. New technology allows the blinds to be fitted into a glass-beaded frame, which slots easily into the recess of any PVC window, obviating the need for drilling and unsightly screws.

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