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Child safety blinds – what you need to know

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Date: 8th November 2016

Category: Blinds

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Although strangulation from blind cord entanglement is often described as a ‘freak accident’ in the media, in actual fact it is not an uncommon occurrence. As one of the highest hidden dangers in the home, dangling blind cords have become a ‘silent killer’, claiming many young children’s lives after their necks have become trapped in the loop of the cord.

Here, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about child safety blinds, and the steps you can take to minimise risks in your home.

Preventative measures

As children develop, they start to become more inquisitive about their surroundings and want to try new things. As such, they may start to climb onto pieces of furniture or try to escape from their cot as a means of exploration; however, this can have devastating consequences if there are looped blind cords or chains dangling within arms reach.

There are a number of preventative measures you can put in place at your home to minimise the risk of your child injuring themselves:

Make sure dangling or looped cords are placed out of reach so young children can’t grab and play with them. For example, you could tie the cord round a cleat hook to ensure it is held firmly in place out of arm’s reach. Alternatively, you could invest in a new set of blinds which have been specially designed with no/concealed cords for ultimate safety.

Move your child’s furniture – including cot, bed and highchair – away from looped cords and chains. If your child is a little older – and space allows – it is also worth moving other furniture away from the blinds too, as your little one may love to climb while on their adventures.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention Accidents (RoSPA), “Research indicates that most accidental deaths involving blind cords happen in the bedroom and occur in children between 16 months and 36 months old”. As such, you must make your child’s bedroom your first port of call when childproofing your home to ensure they can play safely when left alone.


Since 2004, RoSPA has been campaigning to industry bodies and associations to “investigate design modifications and raise awareness of the safety issues.” After years of dedication and perseverance, RoSPA welcomed a crucial development in its campaign with the implementation of the EN13120:2009+A1:2014 standard in 2014.

Child safety blinds

This new standard required that “new blinds must be ‘safe by design’ or be supplied with the appropriate child safety devices installed.” As such, this means that all looped blind cords must be manufactured with a built-in safety mechanism which could “either break under pressure, tension the cord or chain or provide the facility to store cord(s) out of reach.”

Not only this, the standard also introduced a maximum cord and chain length to make blinds much safer in homes with young children.

 Kingston Blinds Direct

At Kingston Blinds, our entire range of blinds are child friendly and adhere to the new legislation, ensuring full compliance with the Child Safety Requirements of the BS EN13120 standard. We also offer a comprehensive selection of blind parts – including a chain and cord tensioning pulley, a cord cleat and a control chain safety clip – which can be fitted with your existing blinds to improve child safety within your home. For further advice or information about any of our services, please contact us today on 0800 9981 994 or fill in our handy contact form with our expert team today.

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