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Can blinds save you money on your energy bills?

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Date: 30th October 2014

Category: Blinds

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An energy efficient home allows for incredible energy bill savings while remaining fully operational. A significant amount of heat can be lost through windows, doors, loft and walls so sufficient insulation in these areas of the home can create savings of up to 25% on your heating bills.

As more and more homeowners are searching for new ways to save money on their energy bills, there has been a significant increase in the use of energy-saving blinds to restrict the amount of heat that escapes through their windows. Advancements in roller blinds materials have enabled households to make significant reductions in their energy use, while still maintaining an inviting, warm home.

As fuel bills continue to shoot up, the aim is that people will increasingly understand the importance of supporting sustainability in the home. Not only are there significant financial benefits to using blinds, they can also help homeowners cut down their carbon emissions too. Most energy efficient materials are able to retain heat in the winter and block out excessive sunlight in the summer. Such fabrics include:

– Advanced solar coating

– Energy and solar protection

– Solar protective coating

– Solar pearlised finish

All of these materials are available with a large colour scheme and design choice, delivering on both practicality and style.

perfect fit blinds

According to the latest industry figures, installing perfect fit made-to-measure blinds to your windows can bring savings of up to 15% off your heating bills. It operates by holding the fabric in place much closer to the window pane, acting as an additional blockade against heat loss.

Energy saving roller blinds trap cold air between the window and blind, keeping your home warmer while blocking out the sun’s heat so your home can remain cool in the hotter months, without the need for electric fans or air conditioning units.

energy saving kitchen blinds

Here at Kingston Blinds Direct, we offer an extensive range of premium quality roller blind designs for highly competitive prices, to fit with your individual requirements and budget. Our roller blind fabrics are available in standard plain fabrics, feature designs, classic designs, easy wipe and blackouts, so no matter what your needs are, we’ll have the ideal solution for you.

We also offer a comprehensive range of perfect fit blinds which operate by being fitted into a frame which attaches to your uPVC double glazed windows and doors, providing a stylish, energy efficient solution.

Simply give us a ring or contact us online today for more information about the products we stock to find a solution which best suits you.

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