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Why Are My Blinds Turning Yellow?

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Date: 31st May 2019

Category: Blinds

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blinds turning yellow

The discolouration of window blinds is a common issue, but one that often mystifies owners. Kingston Blinds Direct are here to tell you why your blinds are turning yellow and how you can prevent and rectify the problem.

What makes blinds turn yellow?

Blinds are designed to filter light into, or block light from entering our rooms. This means that they’re constantly exposed to sunlight, and this barrage of UV rays plays a key role in the yellowing of the material.

As well as the sunlight, though, there’s also the impact of indoor pollution. There are different types of indoor pollution, but they can all impact the colour and condition of our blinds. For example, lots of people smoke in their homes; cigarette smoke brings nicotine residue into play, which stains materials it comes into contact with.

In commercial premises, emissions from machinery and equipment can also stain blinds over time. What indoor pollution and UV damage have in common is that they are invisible; the only sign we have of their presence is the stains they leave behind.

How do I clean yellow blinds?

If you notice your blinds have turned yellow, or are yellowing, all is not lost. By following these steps, you can return your blinds to their original condition.

– Remove the blinds from the window frame

– Run a bath with cold water, adding 2 or 3 cups of bleach

– Put the yellowing blind in the bath, ensuring that all slats are submerged

– Let the blinds soak for 10 minutes

– Using a cloth, ensure every slat is thoroughly wiped

– Remove the blinds from the bath and either dry with a towel or leave to air dry

– Reinstall said blind

The above method should eliminate the yellow staining from your blinds and ensure they can take pride of place in your window again. However, if you find that this hasn’t solved the problem, it might be that you need new blinds. If this is the case, Kingston Blinds Direct are your one-stop shop for every type of blind and window dressing you could need. So why not order your new blinds today or simply get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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