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Why blinds get stuck and how to fix them

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Date: 16th June 2018

Category: Blind Parts

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Offering unrivalled light control, quality blinds are a versatile window dressing option. As such, this has made them an increasingly popular alternative to curtains, as you have the flexibility to adjust the slats or material according to how much or how little light you require.

Not only that, their low maintenance qualities and the plethora of style options available means you’re sure to find the perfect design to transform the look and functionality of your home.

That said, regular use can sometimes cause even the most durable blinds to become stuck – especially if they are outdated or are of low quality – which is where our top tips on how to fix the most common issues come into play.

Why aren’t my slats tilting or rotating?

This indicates a jam in the system. Take a closer look at the mechanism to see whether there’s any dust or debris causing a blockage which needs to be dislodged. If everything looks as it should, the stiff operation may be down to your mechanism in need of lubricating with some WD-40. If this is the case, simply spray areas of the mechanism which may experience movement, such as cogs or wheels.

If the problem persists, you can look inside the headrail and spray the rotating metal rod with a small amount of WD-40 – slowly tilt the blind slats open and closed and repeat this several times. This allows the lubricant to reach all of the necessary areas so it gradually starts to move with ease.

How do I replace broken slats?

If you have noticed that any of your slats have become broken or damaged, they will need to be replaced as quickly as possible. To do so, simply:

– Remove the end plugs at the bottom of your blind and undo the knot inside. Pull the cord until it releases the slat you are replacing

– Replace the required slat with the new one; at Kingston Blind Direct, we provide a comprehensive range of replacement slats for you to choose from

– Carefully thread the cord back through each of the slats, tie a tight knot and replace the plug to ensure they are all held securely in place

How do I change the cord?

Similar to replacing a slat, start by removing the end plugs at the bottom of the blinds and untie the knots. Next, tie the new cord to the existing one with a single knot and pull the new cord through. Once the new cord is threaded through to replace the old one and has been restrung, retie the knots and replace the end plugs at the bottom of the blinds.

If you are searching for a replacement chain or cord for your blinds, take a look at our collection of parts and accessories here. We also provide connectors, weights, cleats, pulleys, headrails and much more should you require them to fix your blinds.

If you’ve noticed that your blinds have become stuck or are not operating as they should, take a look at our comprehensive range of replacement slats, parts and accessories to restore your blinds back to top working order. Simply locate the item you’re after, add it to your basket and proceed to payment – it couldn’t be easier!

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