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Which Blinds are Best for Offices?

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Date: 28th March 2019

Category: Blinds

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When looking for new blinds for your office, there are a few principals to take into consideration. Installing new blinds into a work space can become long, arduous, and messy task, but with the right company and the right blinds, you can completely transform the way your office looks.

Venetian Blinds

ventian office blinds

For a mix of style, privacy, and light control, venetian blinds are the classic go-to for offices, as they are easily adjustable and come in a range of colours. The durable nature of venetian blinds make them great for commercial use, as the more they are used, the more reliable they need to be.

The rotating slats allow you to adjust the level of daylight entering the room during different periods of the day, so computer screens won’t be affected by harsh sunlight (therefore reduces distractions for your employees).

Venetian blinds are easy-to-clean unlike roman blinds, and are suitable for every room in the office, from boardrooms to staff rooms, as the aluminium style gives a neutral feeling throughout. If you’re looking for a more homely finish, wooden venetian blinds are the way to go!

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are similar to venetian blinds, in the way that they have similar privacy qualities and are easy-to-clean due to their slat design. The vertically hanging slats will allow a good amount of light into your office, whilst also preventing an unwanted clear line of sight into the room.

Vertical blinds look particularly good in long, large windows, and are useful for spaces where you don’t want it to be completely dark.

Roller blinds

 roller blind office windows

The combination of smooth, solid design and easy-to-use nature makes roller blinds a very popular choice for offices of all sizes. Roller blinds are unique in that they are one solid piece – no slats – so the colour is uninterrupted; perfect for making a bit of a statement. The single-piece material can even be adorned with your company branding on the exterior, for example, for a little extra promotion when you’re filtering sunlight. What’s more, roller blinds are also available in blackout versions, should you need total light blocking.

Choosing the right blinds for your office space is no different to choosing the blinds you’d like for your home; you’ll want the right combination of light filtration, privacy and aesthetic quality. Whether you operate a small office with a handful of people or a sprawling workspace with hundreds of staff, the right blinds will help create a comfortable space that looks the part, too.

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