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Blinding Inspiration: Upcycling blinds for Christmas

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Date: 20th December 2018

Category: Blinds

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In these climate-conscious times, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to lead an environmentally friendly household. Recycling is one of the most prominent ways to do so – starting from packaging materials, beverage bottles, and paper products, there is more that can be done in recycling, even in upcycling blinds.

When replacing window blinds, it is common for people to dispose of the old blinds when the new ones are being installed, often overlooking their potential. However, there are different ways in which old blinds and shutters can be used for good, through the process of upcycling.

As we find ourselves in the festive season abundant with craft activities, there’s no better time than now to see how your old blinds can be upcycled for Christmas!

DIY Santa Sleigh

Shutter slats are ideal for air filtration and light control – but did you know they can also be repurposed to make Santa’s sleigh for under your Christmas tree? All you need to do is cut the wood into a basic sleigh shape so it resembles St. Nicolas’ transportation, maybe leaving some space to store your gifts!

Picture Frames

If you find yourself with leftover slats, you may choose to cover them with decorative fabric to make a picture frame. You can do so by sticking the fabric on the slats using glue and arranging them in your preferred order to create the design you want.

For example, you can create a flag using the strips with spaces in-between, or you can create a picture surface when you join the slats together. Using the strips as the landscape, you can add stickers of the Christmas story you would like to portray. You can either choose to cut silhouettes of the nativity or you can create a silhouette of Santa and his elves. Stick the silhouettes on the landscape and hang the finished design on the wall. Simple!

Christmas Decorations

To create ornaments of Christmas tree decorations, you will first have to cut the blinds into rectangular pieces. Then, drill two opposite holes on one side of the rectangular piece where you will stick cards with a Christmas message. On the poked holes, you can attach a ribbon that will be used to attach the ornament on the Christmas tree for a truly one-of-a-kind decoration.

Gift Bags

You can also use blinds slats to create reusable gift bags. Since the materials that make the blinds are strong and flexible, they can be woven together to create a strong gift bag or box that you can place gifts for your friends and family. Be creative by using fabrics, paint or gift wrappers to create stylish gift boxes/bags.

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