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Blinding Inspiration: Jewel Tones are in this Summer

Posted By: admin

Date: 30th May 2016

Category: Blinds

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As we fast approach the summer months and the weather becomes warmer and brighter, the change in seasons provides the perfect opportunity to take inspiration and update the look in your home. In recent years, jewel tones have become a popular design trend as their rich, warm colours help to brighten up the room and create a sophisticated look.

Here, we will explain how you can transform the interior of your home this summer by using jewel tone blinds.

What are jewel tones?

As the name suggests, jewel tones use the rich colours of popular gemstones for a distinctive, elegant look. Examples include:

– Emerald green

– Amethyst purple

– Ruby red

– Topaz yellow

– Sapphire blue

As with most design trends, use of jewel tones first emerged on fashion catwalks and has since influenced the world of interior design. Unlike some trends though, the accessibility of jewel tones means it’s possible for anyone to incorporate them into their home, and clever use of this colour scheme can completely transform any room.

What’s the best way to use jewel tones in my home?

After patiently waiting for the summer season to arrive, many homeowners choose to take inspiration from the sunny weather and convey a bright, welcoming atmosphere in their home. Using subtle accents of jewel tones in a room allows you to update its look without having to pay a hefty price to redecorate.

The versatility of jewel tone blinds makes them ideally suited for modern minimalist homes, as well as traditional properties looking to convey a sense of grandeur. Depending on your requirements and taste, jewel blinds can either complement a bold colour scheme, or become a statement piece against a neutral backdrop.

If you are looking to capture the classic style of a British summer’s day in your home, using lighter colours can add depth to a room for a spacious, breezy look.

Palette Reflex Gold Roller Blind

Reminiscent of a warm, sunny day, you may choose to incorporate a burnt yellow hue into a room to brighten up the space. An example of this is the Palette Reflex Gold design from our roller blind range, which can bring the beauty of the summer into your home.

Splash Admiral Roller Blind

Alternatively, you may choose to use deeper tones which will not only give your room a sophisticated look, it will also emphasise a cosy, warm atmosphere. A perfect example of this is the Splash Admiral from our roller blind range which uses a midnight shade of sapphire to convey a rich, luxurious look. This colour blends well with other jewel tones, so you may choose to combine sapphire blinds with Ruby Red cushions or a Jade throw.

Kingston Blinds Direct

Here at Kingston Blinds Direct, our extensive range of stunning roller blinds means you’ll be spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect design. No matter the shape or size of your property, our made-to-measure service means we can cater for all requirements. To learn more about how you can benefit from our services, or for expert advice on the most suitable blind design for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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