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Blinding inspiration: Why choose faux wood blinds?

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Date: 31st July 2017

Category: Blinds

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faux wood blinds

Creating a natural look in the home has been an ongoing interior design trend for many years, with more and more homeowners choosing wood and wood-effect products to inject an organic style into their home.

In recent years, faux wood blinds have been a go-to choice for those looking to transform the look of their property, as well as improve their green credentials. If you are looking to replicate the timeless look of wooden blinds for a fraction of the price, faux wood blinds could be the ideal solution! This article will look into the top 5 reasons why faux wood blinds have become a popular choice amongst homeowners, and how your home could benefit from having them installed.

Cost-effective alternative to wood

One of the most attractive features of faux wood is its price; its affordability makes the natural wooden appearance more accessible to homeowners. This will also mean that more windows can be decorated with this type of window dressing, so you can get more for your buck.

Low maintenance

Another major benefit of faux wood blinds is their low maintenance design. Their wipe clean surface make this type of blind very easy to clean; all you need is a microfibre cloth and a small amount of water to rub the mark off the surface.

Faux wood blinds are also made from a water-resistant material, making them ideally suited in rooms where there may be high moisture content, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


This resistance to water and moisture encourages a long lifespan, compared with wood blinds which can warp in humid conditions. As such, they will retain their design and style for many years to come, saving you the time, money and effort of having to replace your blinds in the near future.

Natural style

No matter your personal tastes or budget, faux wood blinds are available in a variety of colours and textures to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to replicate the natural look of wood, or you would rather opt for whites and creams, there are plenty of options afforded to you.

The Amber Oak design from our original faux wood range mimics an authentic wooden look for those wanting to incorporate a natural style into their home. Alternatively, those looking for the quality finish of wooden blinds in a colour to complement their current decor may choose greys or blacks, such as the Whisper and Callo designs from our original faux wood range.

Environmentally friendly

These days, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to improve their green credentials and run a more eco-friendly home. Faux wood provides an environmentally friendly alternative to real wood, as it reduces the number of trees which need to be cut down during the production process. Not only that, faux wood blinds are recyclable, lowering the amount of waste in landfills.

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