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Blinded by the light? Then use blackout blinds.

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Date: 24th July 2014

Category: Blinds

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Blackout Blinds

All of us long for a restful night’s peace, but there are many factors which can interrupt our sleeping pattern and leave us resorting to counting sheep in the hope of falling back asleep. Blackout blinds are an extremely effective way of preventing light from passing through the window, giving you total control of the light levels in your room.

Typically sold in a roman or roller blind style, blackout blinds are designed with an innovative layer of extra tight woven fabrics to prevent external light from penetrating though the fabric. Although they can be used within any room throughout the house, they are ideal for the bedroom to create a sanctuary of sleep.

Contrary to belief, blackout blinds are not only utilised for their light control properties; they also have the ability to regulate room temperature and provide thermal insulation. There is a specially-designed layer of lining which keeps draughts out during the winter months and ensures your room does not become overheated during the summer season. In turn, you will be saving yourself some money on energy bills, so it’s a win-win solution!

Further to this, blackout blinds have noise reduction qualities to contribute towards a peaceful night’s sleep. The extra thick lining of the blinds helps to dampen any distracting noise from the outside world. This is a significantly beneficial feature of the room as it helps to block out any surrounding sound, leading to a blissful sleep.

Not only is it essential for adults to get a good night’s sleep, it is also vitally important for your little ones to get all the sleep they need too. As their bodies and minds are still developing, babies and children need as much rest as possible, so blackout blinds create the perfect sleeping environment. Limiting the amount of noise and light which enters the room, this blackout design will ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for your kids and prevents any arguments about it being too light outside for them to go to bed during the summer season.

blackout blindblackout patterned blind
Finally, the design of blackout blinds means they are the perfect solution for ultimate privacy. As little light is able to enter the room, it also prevents anyone on the outside being able to look into your home, making them ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms where you require the most privacy – not even shadows can be seen.

The comprehensive range of blackout blinds we offer here at Kingston Blinds Direct have been specially-designed to fit with any taste or budget. They are available in a wide selection of colours and patterns, meaning they deliver on both practicality and style. We understand that searching for the ideal blind to fit with your requirements can be a time-consuming task, which is why our team of experts are on hand to provide professional advice on what will work best for you. For further information, simply give us a ring or contact us online today!

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