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Which are the best? Roman vs Roller Blinds

Posted By: admin

Date: 15th August 2014

Category: Blinds

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Blinds can be a stylish and practical choice for the windows of any property, although anyone that wants to use them will need to decide on which design to choose. Two popular options are roman and roller blinds, both of which have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. The following provides some guidance on which of these two styles will best complement your home:


When it comes to appearance, roman blinds tend to be considered a more attractive design. The pleated appearance provides a luxurious touch to a property and they are most commonly used in residential buildings to provide an attractive finishing touch to the interior design of living rooms and bedrooms in particular. Roller blinds have a plainer flat appearance when they are in the closed position to cover a window. However, they can easily be used in any room of a home and are also more commonly used as a window treatment in commercial properties such as offices.


While both styles operate by raising and lowering the blind, the way they actually work is different. Roman blinds are fitted with a series of horizontal rods which allow the material to concertina into folds or pleats as the cord is used to raise it. This means that even when it is fully raised the hanging folds will still block a portion of the top of the window. The material of a roller blind wraps around a rod at the top as the cord is pulled, so can be a better choice for those that want to completely uncover a window. In both cases it is possible to raise the blind to uncover only a portion of the window.


Roman blinds tend to offer more choice with regard to the materials they are manufactured from. They are typically made of soft and luxurious fabrics, with silk, velvet and linen some of the options that are commonly available. This can make them a better choice for those looking to create a sophisticated and elegant finish for a room. Roller blinds tend to be made of stiffer material, which has a more basic appearance. However, they can be produced in black-out and sunshade materials and this can make them a more practical choice for anyone looking to keep heat and light out of a room.


The flatter surface of a roller blind can be easier to care for and clean, and this can make it a better choice for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are also more likely to be produced in waterproof materials. The pleats and softer materials of a roman blind can trap dirt and dust, so there tends to be slightly more work in caring for these to keep them clean.


If you are looking for a cheaper option to fit with your cost constraints, then roller blinds will be the more suitable design for you. These can typically be found for sale at a more affordable price, so are more suitable for those working to a tighter budget.

The decision on whether to use roller or roman blinds comes down to a few factors that buyers will need to consider before making their choice. Some of these are identified above to help during the selection process and homeowners should take note when deciding which of the two types is the best option to suit their needs.
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