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Best Blinds For Your Kitchen

Posted By: admin

Date: 11th January 2015

Category: Blinds

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Choosing the perfect blinds can transform your kitchen while avoiding the hefty price-tag of completely redecorating the room. Deciding on a suitable material and style can be a rather daunting task, which is why here at Kingston Blinds Direct we want to make the experience as easy as possible by providing you with all the information you will need.

As the fundamental purpose of a kitchen is a place to prepare tasty dishes, liquids and food can often get splashed about and flavoursome smells can linger. Therefore, it’s really important to have blinds which can easily wipe clean to remove stains and smears while avoiding strong odours.

Venetian blinds

A popular choice for the kitchen, Venetian blinds offer a classic design which allows plenty of light in when opened, or guarantees total privacy when closed. The metal Venetian blinds we offer at Kingston Blinds Direct are exceptionally easy to clean and are available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit any kitchen. Our extensive colour palette includes:

– Apricot

– Vanilla

– Pastel blue

– Navy

They combine functionality with style for a distinctive look which can be easily maintained.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are another easy-to-clean design, so you don’t have to worry about any smears or marks while creating your favourite meals as they can be wiped away without a problem. However, it’s worth mentioning that the wood can be prone to warping when there is heat and moisture in the room.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are typically a traditional choice for the kitchen as they provide a sleek design which will fit in any type of kitchen. The roller blinds we offer are available in a comprehensive range of colours and finishes, so you won’t struggle to find the ideal design for your requirements.

Most roller blinds are easy to wipe clean, with some designs made using PVC so they can withstand hot, moist environments. Their simple, easy to operate design means they take up minimal room, so you will still have plenty of space to display your ornaments and photographs on the windowsill without compromising on functionality.

Vertical blinds

Whether you want a view of the outside world while doing the dishes or require total privacy, the mechanism used for Vertical blinds allows you to control the amount of light entering the room. From neutral colours to bold patterns, our vertical blinds are available in a wide range of colours and finishes so you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for a design.

All our blinds are easy to wipe clean, with a few made using PVC which is ideal for areas in the kitchen prone to splashes. Delivering on both practicality and style, the versatility of vertical blinds means they are the perfect design to suit any kitchen.

Here at Kingston Blinds Direct, we offer an extensive range of roller, Venetian and vertical blinds in a wide selection of colours, sizes, finishes and materials to fit with any requirement. No matter what room you need new blinds for, we are committed to providing affordable and stylish blinds designs suitable for any home interior. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today for further information or advice.

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