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  • Blackout blinds: the perfect blinds for summer

    blackout blinds

    As the weather gets brighter and the evenings stay lighter for longer, there’s no better time than now to invest in blackout blinds for your home in preparation for the summer months. Ideal for nurseries and bedrooms where light blocking is essential, made-to-measure blackout blinds will prevent any trace of light when closed. Not only that, during operation blackout blinds offer a host of other benefits which can transform style and functionality in your home.

    This article will serve to explain how you can improve light control, soundproofing and thermal insulation in your home this summer with the perfect blackout blinds. Continue reading

  • Blinding Inspiration: Transform your room with calming colours

    Your home should be a relaxing space where you can retreat from the stresses of everyday life. As such, you may choose to decorate the different rooms in your home accordingly, to help reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. The correct colour palette can go a long way to creating a more calming space, as certain colours are far more soothing than others.

    As April marks Stress Awareness Month, this article will take a look at the most calming colours for blinds which can transform your home into a relaxing space. Continue reading

  • Top 5 FAQs when ordering blinds online

    Roman Blinds

    When purchasing blinds online, it’s important to understand the ordering process to ensure you know exactly what to expect. Here at Kingston Blinds Direct, we are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with the highest level of service possible, making sure they are all fully informed every step of the ordering process.
    Continue reading

  • Blinding inspiration: Be inspired by your Zodiac sign

    For many, 2017 has been marked as the year of change; whether you have chosen a different career path, decided to take up a new hobby or want to update the look of your home, there are a plethora of options afforded to you!

    If you have decided to commit some time this year to switching up the style in your home, fitting new blinds is a simple, affordable way of refreshing its look. For a new look in your home this year, why not choose colours based on your Zodiac sign? Here, we have put together an informative, concise guide which lists the different colours associated with the various star signs - take a look to see which cosmic colour will best suit your home.

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  • Blinding Inspiration: Icelandic trends

    As the temperature drops even further and snow starts to fall throughout the UK, there’s no better time than now to incorporate a fresh Icelandic look into your home with rich blues and pastel colours. Following on from our blog post last month which explained how to style your home for the festive season, here we will provide a few handy tips to help transform the interior of your home into an Icelandic wonderland. Continue reading

  • Blinding inspiration: Festive home styling this Christmas

    Feeling festive? There’s no better time than now to transform the look of your home into a winter wonderland through clever use of colours, all of which will be in-keeping with popular interior design trends for 2017, too. Here, we will list some of the best ways you can give your property a stylish seasonal makeover, whether you have modern or traditional tastes.

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  • Don’t miss out on your blinds - important Christmas order dates!

    Christmas Delivery Times

    With everything to remember during the Christmas period, here at Kingston Blinds Direct we can take away any stress when it comes to the arrival of your new blinds with our efficient pre-Christmas ordering system. Place an order before the 16th December for guaranteed delivery on all of our vertical and roller blinds, as well as our blind slats, too. Continue reading

  • Get ready for winter with the latest blinds trends

    As Christmas films start showing on the television and the sound of Michael Bublé echoes throughout shopping centres, there’s no doubt about it: winter has officially arrived! And while you prepare to transform your home into a Winter Wonderland, why not update the decor with a brand new set of blinds, too? Continue reading

  • Child safety blinds - what you need to know

    make it safe child safety blinds logo

    Although strangulation from blind cord entanglement is often described as a ‘freak accident’ in the media, in actual fact it is not an uncommon occurrence. As one of the highest hidden dangers in the home, dangling blind cords have become a ‘silent killer’, claiming many young children's lives after their necks have become trapped in the loop of the cord. Continue reading

  • Use complementary colours to style your interiors

    When choosing a new set of blinds for your home, it’s important to carefully consider your existing decor prior to investing in anything. When it comes to style, certain colours complement each other seamlessly whilst others clash to make an impact; this article will delve deeper into the colour theory so you know exactly what style to look for and can make an informed decision before buying.

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